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Having been in Brick and mortar business for the last 10 years i was used to all the tradition way of doing business be it advertising, getting customers to your store etc.


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Our story

Over the last 2 years, I started to move to the online world and the way of doing business online is totally different 

You have to start learning all the software you needs for running a profitable business 24 hours 

You need Sales funnels, email marketing, launching products etc

The online world has lots of crowds and you need to stand out by using digital products that are top of the line.

This is where UYB comes in and helps the business to choose the right digital products

I have been using these products since I started my online journey and have done all the testing to find the right product for your business.

All the products have been tested by me personally and the list of recommended products is available to you in the tools section

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