Legendary Marketer Review: Is This Legit Or A Hype?

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Legendary Marketer Review

Do you want to make money online? Let me introduce to you Legendary Marketer, a program that can help you with your online business.

There are a lot of programs out there that can help you make more money. In this Legendary Marketer Review, I will tell you everything that you want to know about it, how will it help you with your business and what makes it better compared to other programs.

You also might be questioning if this is legit or a scam? I can’t blame you because a lot of programs out there just want your money and don’t care if you succeed or not.

This Legendary Marketer article will help you realize if this will be a good investment for you and if you want to be part of its Legendary Marketer Affiliate program.

Now, let’s get to know more about Legendary Marketer!


What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer was founded by David Sharpe, who is known as a successful internet online marketer, who’s made online sales of over $200 million in his career. He has several online businesses, but his main focus is to help others to become successful internet marketers like him. David is a great coach and mentor to a lot of people. With this, he helped them make their own 6 to 7 figures just by their own online business.

If you want a complete training program, that is what Legendary Marketer is offering. It is a comprehensive training program that is a model for online marketers and entrepreneurs. It could be a low, medium, and high-end products, it doesn’t matter. It takes you from start to finish.

The program consists of different training in the form of videos that will give you guides and tips on how to be the best in your business. They also have live events that you could join for you to know the different trends that you need.

One thing that makes Legendary Marketer unique is they assigned you a business coach. By giving you one, it will provide you with more in-depth access to the program, that could help you. You may contact them whenever you need help with your business, and they will keep you accountable for you to have a deeper involvement in the program.

Why Use Legendary Marketer?

The main goal of the Legendary Marketer is to teach you the main fundamentals that you need for your online business. It could also be used in any online business you have as this is not only for specific people because a lot of people could use it.

You might be a beginner, intermediate affiliate marketers that want to know the essentials in online business or an expert that wants to be deeply involved in the industry. It doesn’t matter as this program will help you, no matter your online business status is.

If you are familiar with Rusell Brunson and Clickfunnels, I must say that Legendary Marketer is close, similar to their philosophies. The concept of creation of sales funnels, adding value, and using stories to sell are also the focus of this program.

They offer a 15 Day Challenge and a Marketers Club for low-end products that will help to fully understand and makes it easy for your potential clients to know more and be into the Legendary system. While for its high-end products, they offer how you could earn big affiliate commissions and how can people in the Legendary’s sales team help you to get higher commissions.

We have gotten to know what Legendary Marketer is, its history, and how it can help you. Now, let’s proceed and get into deep with this program.

How Does Legendary Marketer Work?

If you want to start with Legendary Marketer, you will need to go through 15 Day Online Challenge. This is going to help you with the process of building your business. The videos that are made expertly by David Sharper himself for you to have a birds-eye view of what is ahead.

After going through with it, you’ll have a coach that will help you with every core step. They will serve as your primary contact as they will help you walk through and navigate in building your online business.

In your account, in the ‘my business’ tab, you will get to access different links and sales funnels that could be of use for marketing your business. You can add tags and links for you to know where your leads are coming from, this will be able to give you updates in real-time, and you could see how transparent the system is.

Traffic is significant in your business, and to be honest, it is quite challenging. This will be the one who will set the momentum of your business because if there is no traffic, it will be crucial and to gain leads to stop your business from suffering. They will help you out with this too.

There is a learning curve when it comes to navigating yourself in Legendary Marketer, the same as different programs out there. This is why you need to invest in a lot of things, including time and learn to grow it step by step. There is no instant process, it always comes with hard work and dedication.

Legendary Marketing Products

These are the products that will help you start with your online business.

15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge 

A series of videos that last for 15 days, the goal of this product is to teach you the core concepts of building your own online business. This is an up to date product with all the current trends that are essential for an online business today. If you have no prior knowledge when it comes to marketing, this will be very valuable for you as you will gain a lot from it.

In this program, you will have the business coach that will lead you in the process step by step. They will be there to assist you in your needs and answers all your questions and concerns. They are responsible for giving you advice all through-out the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Online Challenge.

Having someone to talk with you about the programs makes you more involved and active in the 15-day challenge. It keeps you motivated to keep on going, and you wouldn’t feel out of place.

Before, the Legendary Marketer 15-Day was free, but recently they changed it and now has a one-time charge fee that costs $7.

Legendary Marketers Club

This is a set of training modules where you can see interviews from their best marketers. It also includes training videos about other online marketing subjects.

Once a member, you’ll get to access new classes every month. These classes are conducted by professionals that discuss topics from sales, management, marketing, and operations. This will help you with different skills that could help your online business.

The Legendary Marketers Club costs $30 per month when you join, you get to access their training courses, webinars, and monthly classes, which are headed by experts in the business. Webinars can be replayed to incase you want to understand it more or if you missed it.

Traffic Rolodex

Traffic is an important matter when it comes to online marketing because it is where you get your leads and sales. Without traffic, your online business may fail. In Legendary Marketer, you don’t have to worry about it because they have the perfect product called Traffic Rolodex.

This product teaches you how to use paid traffic strategies properly. It can cover all the traffic that came from social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and other sites like Google and Youtube and a lot more.

Currently, the course has eight courses that will help you to get a lot of leads. Ad Skills will conduct each lesson, they are a known training company that focuses on paid advertising strategies. It costs $247 for you to have access to the eight modules.

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint

This is a course that will teach you what you need to know about affiliate marketing and how to pick a niche, a product to promote and sell. It will give you insights and tips on how to promote a product and how to make an easy sell.

Digital Product Business Blueprint

This course teaches members to turn passion and ideas into a digital format like video, audio, and even in writing. They will give you tips and ideas on how your passion can turn into something good just by sharing it and eventually selling it.

Coaching And Consulting Business Blueprint

If you have a knack when it comes to coaching and consulting and wanted to use your expertise in a service, then this course is for you. You will be able to learn how to find your niche, create a service, make a pitch, and how to deliver it without having issues such as having a physical business.

Events and Mastermind Business Blueprint

If you can plan, host, and make money from live events, then this course is suitable for you. It will help you with different strategies in starting or making this kind of business more profitable.

You will gain a lot of knowledge, insights, and tips if you avail of this course.

Features of Legend Marketer

Good Pieces Of Training

This is one of the best features of Legendary Marketer, is that they give a lot of value to their training. You will get a lot of knowledge from the training that they are offering, which will help you with your online business in a significant way, especially if they put all the tips in use.

Their 15 Day Online Business Challenged, though low priced, has been proven to be effective, as its first three days are full of a lot of value and knowledge. Also, their Marketers Club is beneficial because you get to access training and get to see interviewed from their best affiliates. You can watch a webinar that will help you with different marketing concepts.

Their concepts are always full and fresh, and you won’t be left behind.

Affiliate System

Legendary Marketer has a fantastic affiliate system. It gives different funnel for its programs like the Challenge, Marketers Club, and Legendary Book, which helps to know more about Legendary’s system.

In their affiliate links, you can add tracking ids and have the ability to add it to your Facebook pixel or Clickmagick from the dashboard. When it comes to integration, you can directly add them with autoresponders like GetResponse, Aweber, and SendLane. Also, you can have the option to follow up with your leads with Legendary or by yourself. To make it better, you can use both.

Legendary’s funnel is customizable. You may also grab a share funnel and import it and use it for your account. Their funnels also come with gamification features that have affiliate badges and leaderboards. This is to add more fun and competitiveness in promoting the program.

Constantly Evolving

When it comes to being outdated, Legendary Marketer isn’t one of them because they make sure that their program and system are continually being updated.

Pieces of training were updated as of early 2019, as well as products. They are revamped, including the 15 Day Challenge, where all the videos are reshot.

Rules and regulations were changed for the better, and one of these changes is the ability to promote any products in their Legendary system.

Amazing Customer Support

In every program that you will join, there are always questions looming into your head. It is the same with Legendary Marketer.

When it comes to their customer service, they give an excellent one. They are using Intercom as their support platform and responsive to all your concerns.

Kudos to David for having a good team when it comes to customer support.

Final Thoughts

Legendary Marketer is a fantastic program if you want to improve your online business skills. It offers a lot of products in different areas when it comes to building an online business.

If you want to start with them and improve your business, I highly recommend that you try their Legendary Marketer 15-Day Online Business Challenge. It won’t cost you that much, and it has a lot of benefits. It could lead you to better things, and you could also pursue their affiliate marketing program if you like them.

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