Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review – Is it the Best Affiliate Marketing Course?

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Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review looks at an indepth look at how to do affiliate marketing correct way.The internet is full of trends and fads that typically go away within a few weeks. One trend that has been appearing more and more is affiliate marketing. And it looks like it is here to stay. And what do people do when they see that something is becoming popular? They try to capitalize on it. The best affiliate marketing courses have frequently been appearing and in more corners of the internet. But one of the best affiliate marketing courses has risen above the rest, and that course is Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0.

What is Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0 ?

Spencer Mecham, the developer of this course, is also the founder of Buildapreneur, a published author, and one of the top 10 ClickFunnels Marketers to this day. Naturally, this makes him one of the most qualified people to be teaching a course on the very subject that made him who he is today. His course will change you from an unsure, inexperienced marketer, into a confident expert on this subject. It will teach you everything from how to automate your business, to the art of gaining traffic on all types of media platforms. If there was a rule book for affiliate marketing, then this is it.

Since its release in late 2018, Mecham’s course has received waves of positive reviews from both critics and average people alike. Although the material is similar to that of Affiliate Secrets 1.0, this refurbished version is filled to the brim with new business strategies, plans, and overall high-quality content.

Who Should Take Spencer Mecham Afiliate Secrets 2.0 ?

If you are wondering if you are the right type of person to use this course, then look no further! Here are some examples of customers that use Mecham’s courses.

There are plenty of unreliable courses on affiliate marketing that misguide people who only wanted some help. If this is you, then Spencer Mecham’s course can get you back on the right track towards success. Mecham is a reputable source and is one of the best in the industry. If you want an expert to teach you, then Mecham is your sensei. Maybe you don’t want to turn affiliate marketing into a career. Perhaps you want to put a bit of extra padding in your wallet using a low-stress and straightforward method such as affiliate marketing, which is an excellent source for earning a passive income. Mecham’s classes can teach you how to do all of this, and if you see yourself in any of these people, then we highly recommend learning from the best.

Although there are plenty of people who should use this service, there are also certain types of people for whom we do not recommend this product. Since this is a technology-driven course, you must be skilled (or at least have a basic understanding) in all aspects of technology to succeed in this course. Another aspect you should consider before committing to this program is if you are in it for the long-haul. Affiliate marketing is not all fun and games, especially in the early stages of your business. If you are going to give up within the first week, then we do not think this course is for you.

What’s Included in Sepencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0 ?

Now, after all this talk about Spencer MechamAffiliate Secrets 2.0 courses we should discuss what is included in said courses This is a module-based program that has everything you need to take you from a beginner to an expert. There are eight modules in total that start with creating a “game plan” for your business and end with learning how to fully automate your affiliate marketing. Along with the standard modules, there are also some fun bonuses that Mecham has added to the course. These include items such as email templates, profitable sales funnels, and much more.

Although Spencer is an expert in affiliate marketing, he is not as well-versed in other fields. With the assistance of some amazing experts on various topics, Mecham has created a “secret” bonus course that teaches you everything that he can’t teach himself. This offer is quite generous of him, and it adds a nice touch of diversity that the course would have lacked otherwise.

Overview of Features

Now you have an idea of the basic structure of Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0 courses, so let’s dive a bit deeper and see what exactly you are getting for your money. Out of the eight modules, we find Module One to be the most important if you are just starting in affiliate marketing. It helps you get a good start in the marketing world, and it teaches you about what a proper affiliate marketing business should look like. But don’t worry. The rest of the modules are just as valuable and information-packed as the first one. The modules after this one delve into topics such as finding buyers, making more money while spending less, the products you are selling, and long term business plans. Plus, you get a free hammock from Mecham so you too can live the “laptop lifestyle of leisure” that he endorses.

Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review


The installation for Mecham’s courses is simple and pain-free! There’s not much to say on this, because Mecham’s instructions sum it up perfectly. Just follow the easy guide he gives you upon purchase and enjoy the success of affiliate marketing!

Here is a list of the many pros:

  • There is a large selection of videos on all relevant topics.
  • Spencer is a likable guy who remains humble despite his success.
  • Multiple experts have endorsed this product, which adds credibility.
  • You get a hammock!

Here are some of the cons: (although there aren’t many)

  • The course is quite pricey, Its $997 USD.

Alternative Courses

Affording such an expensive course is not something that everyone can do, so luckily Mecham’s videos are not the only reliable course in existence. Plenty of other video lessons exist such as:

  • AffiloBlueprint
  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • The Affiliate Challenge

Some of these courses are even free, and what’s better than that.


To wrap things up, when looking at the best affiliate marketing courses, Spencer Mecham Affiliate Marketing Secrets 2.0 course is an invaluable resource that many aspiring businessmen and women can benefit from. This program has produced numerous success stories, and who knows- with Mecham’s help, you may be the next one.



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